Translation Services and International Marketing

Within global marketing there are many factors of consideration for a company to think about. There are many differences between culture and market environments that are vital to the success of an organisations global marketing strategy. Firstly, one has to consider the external environment that may affect international marketing. There are political agendas that can be overseen, this could affect business in terms of trade barriers such as tariffs and quota systems. The logistics are also an important consideration, a country may have a demand for a product but if the country lacks vital infrastructure for distribution purposes it may prove difficult to effectively distribute in terms of wholesale and customer sales.
The standardisation of technology has defiantly helped the course of international marketing. The term ‘Global Village’ implies that the world has now become accustom to similar tastes and trends, which is something for the international marketer to consider. With the rise of professional translation services even the language barrier between international organisations is not an issue.
The concept of culture is one issue that the international marketer needs to pay close attention to. Global marketing is a fine balance between Globalisation (Standardisation) and Localisation (Differentiation). The fine balance between is referred to as Glocal.

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