Immigration and Translation industry

World has become a very small place with people travelling across the world. Indian and Chinese students have been travelling to western countries like UK and U.S.A for more than half a century.  Eastern European Immigrants constantly travel to UK for work and business purpose. African community have also seen several people migrating to foreign countries like UK, USA and other developed countries.

Rise in Certified Translation

People whose first language is not English always find it difficult to understand the certify travel documents. Immigration authorities have always encountered problems handling foreign people during the immigration process. People are unaware about the importance certified translation during their immigration and travelling process. Today’s world has become very multicultural with people getting married to partners from a different country, culture, religion and cast. These marriages among people from varied culture and cast have also raised the demand of certified translation. We have seen a rise in demand of certifying marriage documents and immigration documents.

Government authorities and other such legal bodies have regularly shown interest in Certified Translation. With increasing globalisation these legal authorities need Notarised Translation for legal documents.

Constant Travellers need to be aware…..

English speakers are now in a minority i.e. people with their first language as English. With a multilingual population around us there is a huge demand in the translation industry for death certificates, adoption documents, insurance documents and many more. So travellers and immigrants need to consider reliable certified translation service before undertaking any process. Immigrants flying overseas also need to consider the apostille certified translation since this document needs to be submitted in the visiting foreign country.

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