English to Italian translations

English to Italian translations

For a translator to deliver a professional translation many factors have to be considered. Usually these considerations will take many years of experience to really understand which is why many businesses use translation services from a professional translation agency.

When we think about translation, it means being able to communicate/ convey a correct message from the source language to the target language.

To do so it is fundamental to consider the source language we are translating into as well as the local culture we are going into. If we are dealing with English to Italian translation we need to know and deeply comprehend the exact message within the text, so we must be sure we will perfectly understand every language nuances at the best.

It is evident that Italian and English are two different languages in terms of grammar and sentence structure. Despite that we also need to consider that there exists “false friends” as well.

As a consequence of this when we are dealing with translation from English into Italian or Italian to English translation we have to consider what expressions are suitable, to translate and convey the original message very well.

To release a good translation we must know when and where we need to be more close to the text of the source language or to find out the corresponding accurate expression in the target language.

It is true that this advice changes according to the kind of text. For example for a technical translation, or a certificate translation from English into Italian or vice versa it is clear that we will need to know very well the specific and technical language required.

Overall the translation process will differ depending on the nature of the text and also the industry the text id intended for.

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