Machine Translation Vs Human Translation

Multicultural society around us has increased the demand of Translation and interpreting services. Whether you are a solicitor or an immigrant or a traveller you may need translation at certain stage of your career. Over the last decade we have seen tremendous rise in the development of Translation Agency London. However with the evolvement of humans technology has also evolved and we have all the latest technological devices at our deposal. With technology we have seen a new form of translation which has no relation to human translation. Machine Translation which is also called as Automatic translation is the new source for obtaining translation services.

Translation industry is a very competitive field in itself and with machine translation the competition is getting stiffer. However machine translation has come under serious criticism and its accuracy has been questioned in the past. The evolution of machine translation has raised an ongoing debate about the better source of translation. Employees and management team from the Translation Agency London believe that human translation is accurate compared to machine translation. However on the other hand several industry experts support the growing evolution and growth of machine translation. The word “machine translation” does give an impression that humans are not involved during the translation process. However humans do intervene in the machine translation process and can impact the overall translation process.

The importance of Human Translation…..

For several years the revolutionaries in the industry have tried to replace the human translation with machine translation. However experts believe that machine translation will never be able to replace human translation completely. The reason being no machine translation can provide interpreting services. Translation agency London believes that the different cultural and religious aspects of a country can only be understood by human translators. They believe only human translators can understand the importance of culture, religion and diversity whilst translating or interpreting a document or text. So it seems after all the evolution in technology the human translation seems to be more accurate and reliable when compared machine translation.

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