The importance of translation agencies for businesses

Within the international business environment, language can often be a barrier or an advantage. Imagine you were business man/women that could speak 300 languages and recognise how to conduct yourself across different cultures. This would literally create a ‘world of opportunities’. This is the role the translation agency plays when partnering with international businesses.

A full service translation agency should competently provide a range of services that would cater to all the needs a business may require from document translation services, website translations, and legal translations, technical manual translations to all marketing and advertising translations.

In addition to this, verbal communication will also become a barrier. A range of services such as conference interpreters, telephone interpreters and multilingual sales interprets should also be provided to any location required.

For media orientated businesses multilingual transcription services are also in huge demand. The translator is basically required to write down the audio into another language within a time code. This will ultimately allow the client to add subtitles or voiceovers to the video/audio.

Generally all the above services should be offered in many languages; however some agencies control niche markets where certain groups of languages are only offered, like African languages or Persian languages.

Today the industry has become more sophisticated. Translation has manifested into ‘transformation’, where cultural differences should also be implemented into the standard service (also known as localisation). This pressure has forced translation agencies to up their game. The additional benefits to using a translation agency should help the business in many more ways than they may have considered.  Ultimately, translation agencies have networks of multilingual professionals that are used in a number of ways to provide services to businesses. During professional translation these multilingual translators and interpreters can help you successfully complete a project.

For this reason, it is vital that businesses wishing to gain advantages from international markets find and stick with a competent translation agency offering the full range of language solutions that may occur in the day to day running’s of business.

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