How to operate business in India?

India is a vast country with people from several religions, culture and languages. When operating business in a country like India all the factors such as religion, culture and language need to be taken into account. It is also important to understand the main financial cities of India. Mumbai is considered the financial city of India with the Indian Stock Exchange based at the heart of the city. Delhi being the capital of the country also attracts a lot of foreign investments. Cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad are considered the IT hubs in India.

Different Languages and Culture in India:

Whilst doing business in India it is of vital importance to understand the local languages and culture. During the initial period businesses can take advice and help from a Translation agency to understand the different languages and culture. However with 25 states in India the langue spoken in one state is different from the other. It is believed that over 200 languages are spoken across India and varies from state to state. However the central government of the country accepts only Hindi as the national language of India. Businesses may be in need of translation or interpretation services during their business development and growth process in India. For example whilst exchanging business documents companies may be in need of Document Translation.

It is also important to understand that the hierarchy at workplace is also vital during business development process in India. Indian culture and different religions are primarily revolved around Hinduism wherein the elders and the higher authorities are given respect. So the Indian business framework follows strict hierarchy.

Doing Business in India? Better do a handshake…

Handshake is of prime importance whilst operating your business in India. Potential business investors also need to be aware about the different National holidays in India. For example in UK the Christmas Day is a National Holiday. However 25th December (Christmas Day) is a working an in India. Indian businesses operate with Professionalism and require up to date information about the foreign investors. During these periods foreign businesses can use professional translation services to persuade the Indian authorities.

Indians don’t take business decisions based on statistics, empirical data and presentations. They consider factors like intuition, feeling, faith and trust.

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