Cultural Differences between America and the Middle East

American culture is regarded as very independent and individualistic compared to the Middle Eastern countries. When we talk about culture it is important to understand and take into consideration all the minor details related to the culture, religion, values and beliefs associated with that country or a region. American culture is virtually the opposite of The Middle East. However it is important to note that most Americans are religious as are the people from the Middle Eastern countries. Christianity is the most followed religion in America wherein Islam religion is followed most in the Middle East. Business travellers or holiday tourists may be unaware of such details. During this time people can take help and advice from a reliable professional translation company.

Accurate and reliable Translation Agency can help you understand the language differences between America and the Middle East. For example the primary language spoken in America is English. On the other hand Urdu is most widely spoken language in the Middle East. The Middle Eastern culture is more family oriented and more importance is given to each and every member of the family. On the other hand the American culture is believed to be more goal oriented and minimal importance given to family values.

How to run a business in the Middle East…..

Professionalism is extremely important whilst business is conducted. American companies may need Document Translation in order to successfully complete business deals in Middle East countries. Language difference can be a major barrier between business partnerships of America and the Middle East. Superiors or higher authorities are treated with respect and have huge influence on the overall decision making process of the company. It is also said that Managers from the Middle East are more risk-averse and believe in taking high risk for achieving greater success. On the other hand American managers tend to take calculated risk by accessing the situation and implementing different analytical tools. Professionalism is equally important in both American and Middle East businesses. American managers tend to give freedom to their employees spreading a fun environment in the business. The same can be said for a Middle Eastern business but in a subdued manner keeping the professional behaviour as the priority. There is a lot to learn for us about both the cultures considering the ongoing globalisation in the 21st century.

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  1. I find this blog very informative and worth a read. The variety of topics makes it very rich.

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