India aim for 1 billion internet users…

FDI in India has been increasing year in year out, which has lead to many internal developments. One of these developments has been the widespread of internet availability. India is known for its superior IT services in which Western businesses more than often outsource work to.

Obviously economic development does cause some negative symptoms to the home population. One of the biggest problems in India has been the class division and the growth of this class division through economic development. The class division roots back to colonisation and has existed ever since. On a positive note the Indian government aim to make internet access more affordable across the class division.

A UK based company (Datawind Ltd) that produces wireless products such as laptops and tablets has just signed a contract with the Indian government to provide low cost tablets aimed at students in India. Each tablet will cost around $50 and will operate in 17 languages with the use of a translation agency providing translation services. The main online languages in India are Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam and of course Punjabi. These are generally the main languages professional translation agencies

This idea of providing developing countries with affordable laptops coincides with the U.S based charity ethos ‘one laptop per child’. This will not only help the individual opportunities of each person but will increase the economic development of the country with more skilled workers for the future.

The same principle applies to other developing economies in Africa such as Nigeria and Ghana but the first step is developing the infrastructure such as the network cables and electricity supply.

It will be great when the online world is truly globalised and the developing nations have a strong online presence. This will create information that would have more value than ever as diversity creates a wide spread of knowledge.

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