Impact of Translation on Religions across the world.

Religion is an important aspect of the human race across the world. Religion has widespread impact on human values and people’s behaviour. Politicians across the world have misused the influence of religion over people for their benefits. Most of the existing religions on this planet today have been able to be documented on Paper only because of Translation. I would like to state the example of Upanishads that are the ancient sacred Indian texts. The most unique thing about Upanishads is that it hasn’t been dated. The original text had been written in Sanskrit that is the oldest language on earth.  Since then, it has been translated into Persian, English, French and other several languages. While translating a sacred text, Translators in the past have taken special care to include the exact philosophy and message contained in the original text. Some religions have encountered this problem where while translating or communicating to masses, the philosophy or the message has been incorrectly interpreted and has resulted in unpleasant situations among the masses. The Upanishads claim to be passed on generations through means of verbal communication to the following generations till the time it got scripted. Thanks to translation by languages, we are able to preserve such a valuable gift from our ancestors. Another example, I would like to state would be Christianity. Jesus is said to be using the language called “Aramaic” which is indeed a group of languages. Most of the biblical books are considered to be written in this language. Because of its available translation in English today, Bible is available to majority of the world. Similarly, most of the religions have originated in some language and later been translated onto other languages. We should appreciate the bond that Translation has created in this world through its existence. We can communicate and share ideas through means of translation. Thus, the impact of Translations on religions has been enormous. Today, Translation services is widely used for business across nations and is a growing industry. Hence, Translation from having an influence over religion has evolved into various sectors.

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