My first job as an SEO intern

I finished my MBA in the mid year 2011 and was quite afraid thinking about my job hunt…Before I started my MBA, I had decided that   I am going to work in the Marketing sector…It took me 2 years to complete my MBA and I was quite surprised when I heard about SEO being referred to as Digital Marketing..It quite interested me when I first heard it. I spoke to some of my friends who had done their MBA from European countries. They recommended me to go for Digital Marketing jobs and said that Digital Marketing is going to be the future of marketing. I wasn’t quite convinced with what I heard, hence started researching on Digital Marketing. I was quite surprised when I discovered that I was getting attracted towards getting SEO jobs. I hardly had any skills that could get me a Digital Marketing job. I started learning whatever I found out was important. For e.g. Blogging, PPC campaigns, Affiliate Marketing and so on. I registered on several SEO forums and asked SEO professionals for information and guidance to develop my skills. After acquiring some blogging skills and some theoritical knowledge about SEO, I started looking SEO jobs. It wasn’t a surprise for me when recruiters hung up the phone when they learnt that I have no practical work experience. It was time for me to take a step back. Now, alongwith applying for well paid SEO, marketing jobs, I also started applying for SEO, marketing Internships. To my surprise, I got offered an SEO internship with a Translation agency london after a month of applications. It was a 3 month Internship with a possibility to get hired full time.The bell in my head started ringing and was shouting at me to take a decision and go for it. I started the Internship with a positive mindset thinking that I was lucky to find this opportunity. I found out later that if I would have rejected the offer, there were other 40-60 candidates waiting to grab the offer. I wondered why can’t we create a win-win situation for the unemployed. Why do we create an environment of the survival of the fittest ?

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  1. Now this is a real blog. I have linked it to my blog.

  2. congrts…Digital marketing is in….even here in Mumbai….

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