Some Interesting reasons for Physiological differences amongst Men and Women.

This article is an outcome of our evaluation of the progression of humans on this planet. To make it interesting, we have compared Men and Women.

Lets go back thousands of years just after Adam and Eve came into existense. Our ancestors lived in communities or groups as it made them feel secure….The bonding between them at that point was really high, may be extremely opposite to the bonding we have amongst us right now. Don’t we always wonder how our ancestors communicated with each other. Did the Languages of the present have their roots from the past . Languages today have broken all the boundaries and opened new communication resources for communities. Increasing need of Translation Services is a good example of how languages are progressing in today’s world. However were languages equally influential thousands of years ago? 

A Mans primary role was to go for hunting and gather food for the family..This is why may be Men are physically stronger than women , Whereas a womens primary role was cooking, looking after the household chores and offcourse her children.This did not require physical strength. Instead it required mental focus at many things. So now we know why men are physically stronger than women !!!!!

Women’s peripheral vision is wider than man.
This is a physiological fact. Its not new to hear a women saying ” That guys’ staring at me”. Hardly does she know that its a mans’ vision being narrower than a women’ . A pervert is an exception in this case.

Whereas a women can just use her eyes to see what is happening around her and she can easily understand the whole picture.This is why you will rarely catch a women staring at a man. So guys next time make sure you check out her eye moments. Now lets look back at the history when a man used to go for hunting, wherein all he was responsible for was to  keep an eye on his prey.That calls for Straight sharp vision.Men of the past had their senses completely focused on its prey avoiding other distractions.   On the other hand a women had to keep an eye on multiple things like Cooking and at the same time keep an eye on her children and making sure if any wild animals are not around. So the important point here is to understand that men and women are made with differences for the right reasons.

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