World in 2050…..


Don’t we all wonder how the world will be 25 years from now? I remember when I was born in mid 1980’s there was no internet and even no computers. However the world has completely changed over the last 25 years with technology overtaking the world. Forget about computers now a day we have laptops, I Pod’s, I Pad’s, Kindle and even Robots. Debates about the future have already began with scientist and technology practitioners predicting the world fate after quarter of a century.

But is it all about technology?

Are we only going to debate about how robots will rule over lives in 2050 or how human cloning will be a practical truth? Several Hollywood films have already touched upon this topic and have predicted the future of technology in 2050. On the other hand very few experts have predicted the future of religion, culture, tradition and languages in 2050. India has a very rich history of several religions and culture attached with people’s daily life. However being an Indian and having lived the majority of my life in India I do fear the future of religion, culture and traditions of this great country.

People in India are still very religious and family oriented compared to their western counter parts. However will this trend continue? I have seen several changes in India over the past decade and believe this will be an ongoing trend. Indian languages are renowned across the world and have helped several industries like Translations and have increased the demand in high quality Translation services. However in 2050 will English replace Hindi as the most widely spoken language in India? When we look at the Western world then we wonder about countries like USA and UK and fear about their future. Western culture is regarded as very independent and individualistic. Technology may help the western countries to establish themselves as superpowers but will they lack on the grounds of humanity. Technology can make people from the west very selfish and individualistic by 2050.

Machine driven humans….

Our lives are already very heavily dependent on machines in 2012. Don’t you all have movements where your internet connection goes down or your laptop breaks down and we feel lost! Well that’s how badly we are already depending on technology. It is a universal fact that technology is the reality of the 21st century whether you hate it or you like it but you cannot ignore it. But how technology will shape up in 2050 is an interesting topic which has rarely been explored and people will debate about it for years to come.

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