Immigration in London

Going to a new country is always exciting and frightening at the same time. You don`t know what you might find in there regarding food, culture, language, people and all. It is very important to prepare yourself and research as much as you can about your destination to make sure you are ready for whatever comes your way. But the first thing to learn about is what the Immigration rules are like.Image

For instance, now that the Olympic Games are coming to London, a huge amount of tourists are planning their trips to England. And it would be good to know beforehand what they need to show or prove to get access to the country.

For Brazilian people for example, if a Brazilian person decides to come and join the event as a tourist, with set dates to come and leave the place, no visa is needed. Only proof of accommodation booked, a credit card to show that the person has a backup plan in case the money is spent too quickly and some kind of document proving that the person has ties back in Brazil meaning that he or she will definitely head back home once their trip is over.

In case a Brazilian person wants to come and study in Britain, she or he will need to gather some more information. A school will have to be booked as well as accommodation, proof that they can maintain themselves with money brought from Brazil will be requested and documents showing their regress to their home country will be required. And the maximum amount of time they can stay in here is 6 months without a visa.

If the course is for 7 months or above they will have to apply for a visa before coming to the UK. And that might end up to be a bit more complicated than expected, with more money to be shown, documentation about courses taken in Brazil and all translated by a certified translation agency, as well as a designated English test  that will need to be done and a course and accommodation will need to be booked.

And for every nation the rules to come to Great Britain vary, so any person interested in visiting, studying or living in here should search extensively about the law and rules to be allowed inside the UK. And after doing so, with your visa granted, it will be only a matter of waiting for the plane and enjoying your stay.


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