Is it Evolution or God?

How did mammoths turn into elephants and similarly how did sabertooths turn into lions. Did they evolve over time or was it God? Religious people believe in god and would rarely agree with the theories of Evolution. So what is Evolution? In scientific terms Evolution is “The fact the frequency of the appearance of alleles in a population of organisms changes over time”. This sounds complicated however it simply means that every organism on this universe evolves over time. However don’t we always wonder why the Sun rises from the east or how do millions and billions of species on this earth keep evolving and survive. Personally I believe in Evolution and also have strong belief in god. Wondering how this is possible?

Scientist and Evolutionist don’t believe in religion….

Scientists believe in conducting tests and operate on different scientific methods. Religion can never be tested since several religious beliefs are based on mere predictions and guess work.  Having lived in the UK for nearly three years I have met several people with Atheist belief .i.e. people who don’t believe in any religion and God. With several Atheist British friends I often find myself in arguments about Evolution, God and religion. It’s difficult to believe how evolution can be responsible for the existence of so many religions, tradition, norms and languages around the world. Let’s take the example of the different languages spoken around the world and how it has changed the way we live our lives. Languages have even changed the way businesses operate increasing the need of reliable Translation Services. But we always wonder how did these languages come into existence? My Arguments with the British friends often involve conflicting opinions comprising of their comments about evolution and atheism and mine about religion and god. 

Human Evolution started 65 million years ago with primate like mammal species from the North America. The Evolution began from an Ape to the current modern man. When we look at the modern man and compare it to the Ape of the past we may start believing in science and evolution. But I always question the theories of Evolution. Why was the Human race selected as the most intelligent species on the Universe? Did God decide on making the human race as the most intelligent living creature on this planet? And if it is evolution then have we stopped Evolving. Some scientists believe Humans will continue evolving and may become super beings. However on the other hand certain science experts believe that humans have become incapable species only worth for wasting time watching TV.

Arguments about religion, evolution and god are never ending. Certain scientists believe in Evolution but have never denied the existence of God. So is Evolution in itself a religion and is there something called as ‘God’.

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