Generation Y

What is Generation Y?

Generation Y are the section of young people that have grown up with world of technology and communications that we have today.

Generation Y could be classed as those born in the 80’s through to the 90’s and early 2000’s. This generation has grown up with the internet, mobile phones and the rapidly advancing technology we see today.

Unlike Generation X which are the post-war baby boomer generation that grew up with a change in economic prosperity, rapidly changing social mores, rise of individualism and rise of different languages.  Generation Y have come to expect certain things in their everyday lives and almost have a sense of entitlement that did not exist in previous generations.

The main characteristics of a Generation Y individual are: technically proficient in the use of gadgets – your average Y individual will have a mobile phone ( with multi-functional facilities), laptop, possibly a tablet and a myriad of portable gaming devices (depending on whether a boy or girl)  such as a Nintendo Wii, Playstation console or Xbox. These are standards for Generation Y kids and they find it hard to understand a time when such devices did not exist.

Generation Y are also used to communicating primarily via these technological devices or gadgets. The rise in the use of email, text message, video messaging, social network sites and things such as Skype mean that the Generation Y individual has multiple means of communication and keeping in touch. Different Translation services are available for Generation Y to make their communication process simpler and technologically driven.

Generation Y individuals are also characteristically more culturally liberal as evidenced by the divergence of many ethnic and racial groups in large cosmopolitan areas and countries. These individuals are also considered late bloomers as owing to a the harder economic times and “helicopter parenting” by Generation X parents has meant that many delay their entry into adulthood by living at home longer and remaining more reliant on their parents for longer than previous generations. Also having witnessed the mistakes of their parents in terms of career choice and marriage – which has resulted in a high divorce rate and job dissatisfaction – a lot of Generation Y’ers would like to take their time choosing the right career and the right person and getting it right the first time, instead of after several attempts.

All in all, those considered Generation Y individuals have been born within a time of great change, innovation, economic uncertainty and global change. They have the opportunity therefore to make the change and make this a generation to be looked back on as one that marked a change in human history.

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