iPad Kindle and EBooks…..

Look at the picture above and observe it carefully. The man on the extreme right is the only individual reading the traditional book. I have been commuting by public transport for several years. Finding someone on the tube with a Kindle was a rarity five years ago. However now a day I see dozens of people using their Kindle or iPad on public transport. I am sure you people have also observed a rise in use of Kindle and iPad users whilst using public transport. Technology is solely responsible for this transformation from paper books to EBooks. A Topic which has regularly been discussed and talked about in the recent past. Traditional book or Ebook. Traditional book readers still argue with the advancement of Ebooks and hesitate to accept the success of paperless books. Traditional book readers find the touch, smell and sense of paper books fascinating and intriguing. Certain experts believe physical books will always have space in the market since many authors want their content to be published in a physical book.

During 2011 the Ebook sales grew by 54% whilst on the other hand the sales of physical books dropped by 3%. The rise of Ebook sales have impacted High street book shops with thousands already shut. Technology, Internet and the latest communication devices have literally changed the way we interact with people. One of the most important reasons behind rise of Ebooks in the ease with which a reader can use the internet to translate his/her book. People have varied interests and like reading on subjects which require them to understand a foreign language or culture. With latest technology in place Ebook readers can use Translation services to simplify their process. Whilst interacting with a friend who works in a Translation Agency I came across several incidents when enquires where made about Ebook Translation. Sources like Amazon and Ebay have multiplied the progress of digital content. The ease of downloading Ebooks and the ‘time saving’ factor has also added to the diminishing interest in physical books.

Future of Physical books….

Above all now we have different technological devices like the Kindle, ipad and other latest smart phones which allow readers to download content easily. Being a writer and blogger myself I do write and publish my content online. However how would I love to publish my content in a physical book? Predication is not my forte. Technology is inventible and has impacted each and every industry in the market. So can we safely say that physical books will be extinct by 2020? However the future of Physical books clearly lies on us. If we move with technology and continue downloading online content than future of physical books look bleak. On the other hand the latest figures indicate a tremendous increase in use of Ebooks among Generation Y. So it clearly seems the question still looms large – Traditional Books or Ebooks?

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  1. I prefer traditional books…they have a physicality that iPads, Kindles, etc…do not match.

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