My Spiritual World

Spirituality for me was about becoming a monk and leaving the environment. But today, it has  presened me a bigger meaning of life than just having a mere job, becoming a millionaire, or having the most luxurious life. This is what we all strive for in our day to day lives and end up in suffering and attachments. But, when you get connected to the spiritual side of life, you get open to so many opportunities in life that you can apply anywhere and everywhere. Attaining spirituality is a journey. There are several ways of attaining spirituality. “Vipasana” is a form of meditation that facilitates mindfulness within us. The continuous practise of which can be used to attain spirituality. Once someone is spiritual, it becomes so easy for them to communicate amongst each other. A person who is spiritual can look into your eyes and feel the exact experience that you are experiencing.

Being in others world becomes so easy. The Biggest breakthrough after attaining spirituality is that of your mind and soul being free from your past emotions, decisions, judgements and memories resulting in creation of an empty space within. This Empty space is the most powerful space in the Universe. Any declaration made from this empty space becomes reality. This is one of the outcomes or experience in the spiritual world. My experience after clearing my past have been just magical. Everything that I think or imagine is turning into reality. Today, I have been gifted with this unique Power from the Universe. I used to describe myself as a careless and irresponsible individual. Responsibility to me was a pain, a weight due to which I always resisted. I have acquired 2 Masters Degree’s in IT and Business Management. After all this education I have collected dozens of transcripts representing many years of education. But Always doubted whether these transcripts where worth anything?  This happened because I considered Failure as a part of my life. I always believed first chance in not the last chance and, there’s always a second chance available. And If I fail the second time, There is always a third chance awaiting .

When I got this Powerful distinction, I suddenly became present to the fact of Who I am . I was always irresponsible. Right Now, I am committed to Being a CAUSE in Transformation of human beings. Right Now, I am committed to Being a Cause in creating a great family full of Communication. Today I am Being a Cause in Clearing Recession from this planet. Today, I am Being a Cause in Saving this planet by empowering people for usage of Renewable sources of Energy. If we compare spirituality with Languages and communication then we can understand how different languages are helping the CAUSE of human communication. How could have people communicated around the globe, had there not been any Translation services. I am sure it began with someone creating a possibility of human communication around the globe and today we are using it.


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