Religion, women and football.

Since I was a kid I used to hear a joke saying that there are three things men should never talk about because it would make them argue: football, women and religion.
I never really understood it, as I was too young and not really aware of the world around me. But once I reached a more mature age I started to realise what that joke was all about.
Yes! Men do fight over football.  IF you just look at the famous hooligans that scared everyone in the 90’s. And women are always a bit of a problem in man’s life. And religion… well, religion is a whole different chapter all together.
With football and women, except for ocasional episodes of exceeded violence, it is always down to just a friendly banter. While with religion, things get a lot more serious.

I was born and raised Catholic, but on my early twenties I felt like the Church, as an institution, wasn’t what I really thought it was. So now, when asked whether I’m religious, I say  I do believe in God but I just don’t have a definied religion to follow.

I know there are lots more people just like me, as there are people who believe in different Entities, different customs, different thoughts or even people who don’t believe in anything at all.
And in my point of view, that’s the beauty of our world! Everyone following what they believe is right, living with each other in peace.
But, unfortunately, reality is not that pretty, and because human beings are such a complex species, sometimes humans do things that a concious mind would never understand. Like for example, killing people just because they have a different color of skin, a different nationality and most of all: a different belief! Kids, women, elderly. Nobody is spared when an attack takes place.

Maybe it is all aggravated by the fact that the appereance of most religions date to hundreds , if not centuries ago, with languages spoken at a time long extint. And the translation services required for the written documents from that generation was designated to the ordinary men causing misinterpretation, which led to arguements and wars among different religions.
I just wish I could go back to being a child when I couldn’t understand that silly joke. When my world was all about caring, understanding and peace.

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  1. jumpingpolarbear

    Lol at the football head picture :).

  2. Good post! I liked it 🙂

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