Cosmopolitan City: London…..

London is such a cosmopolitan city. We all are aware about it but the following incident was an eye witnessed experience of mine that I would like to elaborate via this post. I was invited for a business introduction meeting at a well known hotel in London. It was a busy day for me but I thought of making most of the available opportunity to communicate with new people and build new contacts. So I decided to accompany my friend. We entered the room with people awaiting a presentation. The place was full of beautiful paints on the side walls and lively people neatly dressed. The meeting started in like half an hour by then the presentation hall was almost full. A really smart looking gentleman called Gabriel stepped ahead and introduced himself as one of the leading members of the business. He then asked a question to everyone that I still can’t forget.

The question was “Who here is from the UK, raise your hands please”. Such a silly question, isn’t it? Especially to be asked when you are conducting such a important meeting with masses in the capital city of the country.  You must be thinking how many people raised their hands. The answer is 5 out of 70 people raised their hands. I was has shocked as you all are at the moment. It was like a live demonstration for me about London and its diversified population.  And the ones who didn’t raise their hands weren’t Tourists. They have been living in London for more than 5 years. Those people where from different parts of the world like America, Poland, Cyprus, Greece, Croatia, France, Germany, and India. I have heard this statement “London is a cosmopolitan city” several times but just realised its meaning when I witnessed the diversity of London live in front of my eyes.

Haven’t we all been asked this question before “Where are you from?”. Diversity in London is the major reason behind why people get asked such questions.   There are infinite opportunities to learn and grow in this city, if just you like meeting and talking to people. There are so many cultural differences. Where there is a difference observed, there is always opportunity for someone to learn. I never made use of this opportunity while I was in university. But since I became self-aware about this fact, I am on talking to new people and getting the most out of each and every conversation that I make. Nobody hates to talk about their country or their culture to someone who is interested. So we should never let go of an opportunity which lies right in front of you. Coming back to the meeting, there was a really interesting session that was conducted where everyone was supposed to introduce themselves in their own mother tongue. This was the best part of the whole event as for the first time; I got the opportunity to listen to so many languages under the same roof. It was a great experience although I was barely able to understand anything. This led me to the business idea of how a Translation agency could be one of the most successful businesses in a cosmopolitan city like London. The whole world is in depression led by poor economic situation. But using the cultural differences from a business perspective could be the Key for a breakthrough in creating financial abundance in lives of human beings.

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