What I did to learn a language and why you should too….

Guest post by young and very talented Nikki….

I connect with people through music and art, I always have done since I was small but I got older and I started to become more aware of the world and all of the different languages that came with it.

I started listening to Japanese music when I was 11 years old; I really liked their style and everything about Japan. I decided to start learning, I come from a poor background and so getting the resources was a challenge if not near to impossible. I used free software and web pages to learn the basics and I watched films and listened to music to pick out little words and phrases, the first one I ever learnt was ‘Sugoi’ and it came from an anime called ‘Fushigi Boshi no futage hime’ and after that all of the words came to me like a tsunami, phrase after phrase captured me and eventually I decided I’d try my hardest to become fluent.

After a while of grabbing free material from all over the internet, free booklets, mini free dictionaries I was able to hold a decent conversation in Japanese.  It didn’t stop there, I loved Korean, Cantonese, Danish, Swedish and Thai, eventually my thirst for languages proved too difficult to quench and I relaxed to focus on my Swedish.

I’m only 17 and I have only just gone into my first job, I work with a translation agency helping to give good translation services to everyone who needs them. This isn’t my goal, though, I want to become an interpreter and I will stop at nothing to do it, languages break down the barrier to relationships and I feel everyone should at least try to contribute to breaking down that wall.

People often give the excuses ‘I’m poor and can’t afford it’ ‘I’m no good and will never make it’ just because you can’t do something right away doesn’t mean that you never can or will, I used to think that I’d never ever learn a language because I couldn’t afford it, but you’d be so surprised as to just how many free resources there are.

Don’t let a bad situation stop you from doing something that makes you happy, I didn’t and I never will. If I were to recommend a language I’d recommend Japanese, not only was it my first love but it’s fairly easy and it’s a beautiful language.

Hope you guys liked the Guest post . We encourage people to write for us…so if you guys have something interesting like Nikki  please get in touch…

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