All human relations are based on complex and deep tangles that if not well nourished and looked after may lead to relationships falling apart. And the most difficult and demanding kind of relation is that of a couple, with the future at stake, promises and emotions highlighted to extremes , it can be hard but also very rewarding.

There are varied types of couples, but let`s talk about the man-woman one, because that is the one I have some expertise. Well, mind you! I wouldn`t dare to say that I am an expert in relationships, as nobody will ever be. To assume you are good at it, means you have been happily married or in a long term commitment with someone for at least 50 years. And even then it is impossible to say that you have mastered the fine art of love.

To begin with, men and women think and see love with completely opposite views. Men being more objective and women more of what I call “Fairy-Tale” way of thinking. We women idealize an image of the perfect partner, and if the guy doesn`t live up to our expectations, it turns out be a big disappointment. Men on the other hand have very low expectations. If the partner is pretty, a good cook and if she looks after them they will be more than happy to settle for it. Well we are talking in general however some men and women may have other choices deferring from the one’s mentioned above.

And this is just the basic difference between them. It is as if they talk in different languages!  And to sort it all out it would take a monumental effort for example help from a professional, someone who is keen on giving translation services to them, and even then I doubt the couple would be able to fully comprehend with each other. They would probably drive the translator mad, to say the least.

Of course, to make matters worse, especially here in London where you can find people from hundreds of different cultures and backgrounds, with different up brings and costumes, love becomes the toughest job on the planet.

 But thankfully, most people are still hopeful about love and relationships, putting themselves out there, trying, seeking, falling in love, getting hurt, healing and most important never giving up on the search for their “The One”.

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