Live life Fully….

Human beings have been evolving continuously since they existed. We are now living in the Internet age where communication across the globe takes place in seconds. The primary reason for this is the evolution of human minds and the ability to use our mind to benefit us. With the power of human mind, we have created almost everything we thought about and are continuing to surge on the same path to create everything we can visualise and think about. For example the global expansion of businesses in developing countries likes India, China and Brazil. Human mind as created several thousand employment opportunities in these countries and broken all barriers of evolution. Barriers such as languages, culture, religion and traditions. This expansion as resulted in rise of several industries like business consulting, cultural advice, language providers like a reliable translation agency. However over last 2 decades, an increasing number of human beings are recognizing the importance of self awareness as a Powerful tool for creating a life that they want. And there are industries evolving around this area. Life coaching is one of the best examples. Several organisation have been formed over the last decade whose prime aim is to make human beings self aware. And the outcome of making human beings self aware is an extraordinary life that they can create by being self aware.  People during their life span never realise whether they are still attached to the materialistic needs in life. They treat happiness as an outcome of attaining a certain goal. For majority of human beings, happiness is an experience of achieving something materialistic like owning a sports car, owning million pieces of paper with the picture of a national leader or buying a luxurious house. We spend years of our lives achieving such materialistic things and after having achieved all this we feel happy for some days, weeks or may be a couple of years. And then we are left with a question, “What’s next?”

This is a continuous cycle that we operate in until we die. The Buddha says – “Attachment to anything causes suffering”. We work towards something whilst so attached to it, that at times some people spend their whole lives regretting when lost. When they get older, and look back, they realize and regret not having done something else that they could. For.e.g. A busy businessman could regret not having enough social life, not having spent enough time with his children. Time is never going to come back.  But hardly do we acknowledge the importance of time that we need to spend with our closed ones or spending time with something that we love.  Imagine if we were told that we are going to die in the next 2 minutes, how importantly you think we would treat each and every breath in the next 120 seconds. Every breath would be so highly acknowledged and be treated as a god’s gift. A thought will cross our mind and you will think about more air and breath. Do we ever recognize the importance of Breathing everyday? No. We take it for granted. Haven’t we taken our lives for granted? If we have witnessed any of our closed ones die, we must have felt that a couple of more breaths for that person would have made a significant difference to that person and people related to him/her. So my request to everyone reading this article is to , breathe when you are happy, Breathe when you are sad. Enjoy it. It gets you in the present. Each breath is more important than your everyday worries and concerns. Each breath would only help you to focus on your present and not your past or future. The essence of your life will change forever.

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