Hey You!!! Are you on Facebook???

Social Media has taken the world by surprise and people have used it to make millions of pounds. For example Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook and is making millions if not billions every year. I thought about this topic whilst I was mentoring one of my friends about social media and blogging. I work as a Digital Marketer, love blogging and everything related to the internet. Being an Online Marketer I am very passionate about social media, blogs and other online resources. Now back to my friend. She is a freelance translator and aims to work for a reliable translation agency.  She innocently asked me about social media I was all excited. She didn’t have a profile on LinkedIn and Twitter. If you are a translator or belong to any other profession it’s very important to have a social media presence.

Any job seeker trying to achieve success must have a social presence to increase their job prospects. So my advice to the friend was very simple. I told her to have a profile on both LinkedIn and Twitter . As a freelance translator if you are looking for a translation project, what will you do? The first basic step is to register on the Translation directory. However online presence for a freelance translator gives them more opportunities to obtain translation projects. LinkedIn is one of the most popular professional social networking sites. If you are a professional and don’t have a LinkedIn account then you need to reassess your strategy. Having a LinkedIn profile is the most basic step towards achieving your personal goals. I know a lot of translators who find translation projects via LinkedIn. They get calls from solicitors and businessmen for professional translation and other such projects.

As I started to explain her more about social media I could see it on her face ‘the surprise and the shock’. I also felt a sense of disappointment on her face. The reason for her disappointment was the fact that she wasn’t aware about the ongoing social media trend. With vast experience in Blogging and Social Media internet is my profession. However you talk to my parents and they will be completely unaware about social media. They might even ask ‘What is Facebook’?  I try my level best to explain them about the importance of social media and its use in today’s world. And the response I get is the same reaction on their face similar to the one I got on my friends face. Social media is the new trend in the industry and if you are visible on sites like LinkedIn and Twitter the more chances you give yourself of being successful in your professional life.

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  1. You have put in the point very aptly and passionately. I totally agree. The human civilization is already experiencing an information overload. The information channels are vast, and never tiring.

    Sorry for being a self-advertiser if it feels that way, but I remembered a blog entry I had written sometime back about the importance of social networks and how it can turn out to be a boon for each and every one of us,

    Here you go : http://mercvision.wordpress.com/2011/01/19/going-social/

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