Language Barriers and Me

by Carmen Marra…

I have always been fascinated by language. I enjoyed learning French so much at school that I decided to pursue a Modern Language degree (German and French) at University, which turned out to be an interesting and rewarding experience in itself.

 I currently speak 4 languages and would be more than willing to learn a new one or two (actually I am currently considering Italian and Mandarin but that’s a story for another day!)

 Anyway, my own experience of language barriers stems from when I went to live in Germany as part of my Modern Language degree. As far as I was concerned from my previous two years of learning the language inside out i.e. grammar, pronunciation, culture etc, I was more than prepared to start speaking fluent German when I got to Germany. Imagine my horror and embarrassment on arriving at Frankfurt airport and being asked questions to find that I didn’t understand a word that was being said! With my personal experience I can confidently say that being multilingual is a distinct advantage in today’s society. During my stay in Germany I also realised the importance of Professional Translation and its use in a foreign country.

 What language was this? Was it the same? And why were they speaking so fast? Also, much of what they said sounded grammatically incorrect and strange. How was I going to live in this country for a year, go to University, to the shops, pay my bills? I was in a panic!! During your stay in a foreign country I will always advice people to stay in touch with a reliable translation agency for translation and interpretation purposes?

 I resolved however that I was going to learn the language and do it fast, as well as learn as much about the culture as possible. It took a lot of work and I watched a lot of TV and spent a lot of my time listening to conversations, using sign language and a lot of reading.

 I soon of course discovered that the language teaching back home had been very grammar based but most people spoke colloquially – hence the initial language barrier and that by keeping my sentences simple I could communicate effectively.

 Finally half way through my stay in Germany, do you know when I realised that I had finally cracked it? It was when I had dream and my whole dream was in German!

That was when I knew I had finally arrived!!

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