The Land of Opportunities: USA

More and more people are choosing to leave their homeland and move to live in the USA. As markets become more global and the ability to travel easier, a lot of professionals are now living and working in the USA. Globalisation has changed the way people live their lives and purse their professional careers.

 But what are the implications of leaving one’s home country and moving to somewhere as vast and diverse as the United States?

 For those coming from third world countries there is bound to be a huge culture shock and depending on which part of the world that is, the cultural gulf can seem pretty wide. From different modes of dress, to different moral codes, social interaction and cultural mores, this can prove particularly daunting for a newcomer. For example an Indian person can easily get lost in America with huge landscapes and diverse living environment. India has several different languages compared to ‘English’ being the most widely spoken language in America. In such situations a foreign professional may also need help from a reliable Translation agency for language translations. Reliable Translation services can help people get a long way in a foreign place. Now let’s get back to our main Topic!!

 As a professional coming to live and work in America, you need to be prepared emotionally, mentally and physically for life in the USA.  As a western society, the prime focus is the individual and so anyone coming from a background or culture where things work collectively , needs to get used to the idea of “every man for himself” and learn to become self-reliant and independent.

 Secondly, the American society is one that thrives on speed and efficiency and this is mirrored throughout day to day interactions and activities – such as shopping ( self-shopping checkouts being a prime example), living on credit – most things are bought on credit and utilising services where everything is automated or computerised from bill paying, to buying petrol at the gas station.

 In order to prepare yourself for coming to America you need to remember that you must be self-reliant, willing to take responsibility for your success or failure, quick off the mark and quick to learn – and there will be a lot to learn. From how to deal with government agencies (which though efficient, can sometimes be rather slow), to handling every type of bill under the sun. Everything is paid for; water, gas, electricity, road tax, car tax, insurance for home, healthcare, life etc. You must be prepared for this, especially if you have come from a country where a lot of these things do not exist or are not as sophisticated.

 Finally in order to adapt well to the American way of life, you have to understand the people. Americans are generally genial, friendly and quite open. However, they value hard work, industry and the ability to “get on with it”. They work long hours, have on average 14 days holiday per year and are firm believers in reaping what you sow.

 If this doesn’t put you off, then living and working in America could prove to be a rewarding and enriching experience that could open doors and opportunities for you. There are ample opportunities for relaxation such as bars, restaurants, cafes, theme parks and sports arenas. Sports features hugely in American life both participatory and watched – and it is a national pastime to support a baseball, basketball or football team. They take it very seriously.

 It is also a country rich in diversity and culture, extremely large and very welcoming. Several languages are spoken across different states of America with people from around the world living and working in the country. So for those considering a move to the States, give it a try as it might just surprise you in more ways than one.

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