You just don’t understand me

By Nikki

If you have ever been in a relationship, girl or boy, you have definitely heard this phrase before. I’m starting to wonder if it’s being used simply as a gap filler for an argument because there are people from all around the world who speak different languages that live and love together very harmoniously.

We always say that being with someone is difficult, you know  all of those small little issues we all seem to build into mountains? Well what I want to know is this: How can people from different countries get around their language barrier in relationships.

I have had various long distance relationships and so have my friends. A Russian boy who attended my school had a girlfriend from Germany; he spent his summer studying the German language so when he flew over to her country they could really get to know each other properly. It turns out he was lucky enough to find an English speaking German girl but they worked together teaching each other little bits of language and it really brought them closer as a couple. I feel that the languages that separate them also bring them closer, they can bond and grow around helping each other learn.

In a metaphorical sense, Languages to couples are the translation services to businesses and economy. Without these services they could not bond and expand together, just like any blossoming relationship there has to be a connecting factor. Sometimes it’s the appearance, sometimes its personality, but when you really connect with someone and you have something important to bond you are more likely to work a lot better as a team.

Take note Economy, you’ve got a not-so-secret admirer.

Sometimes I feel that the lack of understanding  really does push a relationship forward, it motivates them to work together, though I am pretty sure you will have the odd girl screaming ‘you just don’t understand me!’

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  1. Brilliant point! My boyfriend and I are often at ends about “not understanding each other” – and yet we’re both teaching English, and go out of our way to make sure we understand our students! Hmmm…food for thought…

  2. Cultural differences are fascinating – although my French husband was in America a long time, we still have rare moments of cultural misunderstanding!

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