The rise of Air Travel

As we advance technologically and become more enlightened, air travel as increased over the last 50 years. Formerly the preserve of the rich and famous, air travel is now open to anyone willing to go beyond their personal experience and explore the world. With the advent of commercial travel in the 50’s and 60’s, the invention of aircraft such as Concorde and the cheap cost of fuel in the 70’s air travel has become synonymous with other forms of transport such as cars, trains and ships. The travel industry as benefited the most from the latest technological advancements in the transport system.

Although cars, trains and ships have become more sophisticated over the years and the use of ferries, cross-channel trains (Eurostar) and cruise ships are much more accessible  , air travel maintains its fascination for most people and the preferred means of travel. But why is this, you may ask? Well for one it is faster, relatively safer and gives a unique experience. Flying several thousand feet above ground and a metal constructed bird is actually quite awesome and one man’s greatest feats. It has also afforded many people the opportunity to visit places they would previously have either only read about or indeed never even heard of. This has opened up many people and places and helped people gain a better understanding of one another across countries and continents.

Decreasing travel fares have resulted in more people travelling and exploring the world. We have seen a tremendous rise in the amount of people travelling to different places in the last decade. Increasing number of travellers has also increased the demand of learning new languages. Several travellers are trying to get in touch with a reliable translation agency in order to certify their immigration documents. It has also proven a great educational experience for some, who have come back from their travel to far-flung lands with a new perspective on life.  It has also revolutionised business, as individuals are able to travel from Hong Kong to New York to London then Paris in a short space of time, something that hitherto would have been almost impossible without lots of money and indeed time!

 So although in recent years, airlines have had their fair share of woes, financial problems and disasters, air travel still remains one of the most viable, affordable and cost effective ways to travel and one which is still very popular with the common man.

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