Broadening your Horizons

By Daniel Harris

At the age of 23, I find myself at a point in my life where experiences have become something to chase rather than something that just happens to you by chance.

And what I mean by that is people actively seek out new experiences mainly by travelling and living in different cultures.

This is something I find fascinating as I always saw myself and society to some extent as someone who didn’t like change, I liked being comfortable in my surroundings and life situation. More and more now however I see so many of my close friends jetting off on an adventure to another land and it made me think, do I need to do that to gain these experiences? Do I Even want to do that?

Do I really want to go around countries I don’t know where my only way of communication is through a Translation Agency? Do I need to experience other cultures when I’m already content with the culture I live in?

So many questions but for me there is only one answer,


I think it’s incredibly important to explore the world around you, simply because there is so much to see! TheGreat Wall of China, The Pyramids, The Taj Mahal. There’s too much beauty and excitement in this world to ignore.

Not only that, but as surprising as it may seem, I want to learn! And the best way to learn is to be thrown into the deep end and be right in the action of different cultures and lifestyles. I feel as though for my own character to develop I need to broaden my horizons and get out of my comfort zone and experience life at its full capacity.

Ofcourse, travelling is not for everyone (mainly due to reasons I have already mentioned) but everyone I have come across who has done it have said the experience is invaluable and like a jealous child wanting another child’s Lollypop, I want that experience

What also excites me is the opportunity to acquire a new language! That way I can perhaps annoy others from around the globe, not only that I can use self proclaimed professional translation for my friends who’s foreign linguistic skills barely go beyond the utterance of Bonjourno Amigo!

Yes Travelling will definitely be on my bucket list, as and when it happens is another matter! But one thing I can assure is, it would be something I’d never forget and an experience that will benefit me in a number of ways!

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  1. Really interesting post. I’ll follow you forever

  2. I always try to pick up a few words of the local language wherever I go when I’m travelling and I usually find people really appreciate the effort. It’s really interesting for me too! What language/s are you thinking of studying?

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