Decoding Language

By Jon Searle

Occasionally as I read, I try and interpret the words from the point of view of an illiterate. Try and look at a word and ignore a meaning, which is so ingrained in my head it is quite hard to disregard. This is how code breakers would look at old texts, deciphering and changing until everything is in a format in which our own brains can comprehend it.

I was looking at hieroglyphs and thinking that there must be a point which there was a transition from pictographic hieroglyphs to the modern day Egyptian Arabic. The old way of writing was then lost so decoding had to be done.  From the perspective of an ancient person this would seem obvious but we now have to employ some Professional translation to simply, read what someone has written.

The English alphabet seems so bland and even lazy next to the complexity of pictograms. If a modern day book was transported to the past, would it be seen as primitive because of the simplicity of the shapes? Would they employ their own of translation services or would it be taken as it would seem to them, shapes on a page?

Take the Tablet, ‘The Cascajal Block’ (Stone tablet not an apple computer) still coded, their secrets are lost in a prison of linguistics. If the average person were to look at it, they would see nothing but a ‘Matrix code’ of shapes and scribbles. But to the right person and perhaps in the right, place and/or time, there is potentially a wealth of knowledge about the deepest physics of the universe or maybe just a recipe for cooking squirrel on a bonfire. Once unlocked or understood, a language becomes obvious and easy, like many things, it is down to our perspective.

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