The Difference between Listening and Interpreting Someone’s Actions

Daniel Harris

When someone says something to you this is the general process: Words and noise travels through one ear, those words and noises are then interpreted by the brain, and then the majority of the time, those words and noises go flying out the other ear!

Even when someone speaks in a completely different language to you, we are still capable of being able to understand them through our access to portals of information that can help us define the meaning of what someone has said to us

But my question is; can it be the same in the way we understand someone’s actions?

In our society for most general actions we can say yes, we understand them and why the person in question has behaved in such a way. For example if someone waves to us, we know that this action means that that person is greeting us in a friendly way, or if someone runs away from you, the likelihood is that that person is trying to get as far away from you as possible!

Those kinds of actions are obvious because we have been brought up to recognise these actions and interpret them instinctively!

But, what about the less obvious?

People do some strange and wonderful things in the world, which can go from the extremely nasty, to the most amazing acts of human spirit and kindness. We can recognise these people but can we explain there actions.

Any psychologist will say YES I can, but to a normal person like me I cant. To give an extreme example you have a mass murderer who kills with no consideration of consequence. Can we mere mortals determine as to why someone would commit such atrocities unless we are some sort of neuroscientist. Thankfully I can say NO.

The truth is there aren’t such things as translation services that can interpret why someone can behave or think the way they do, so when someone does something that we don’t understand, we are left clueless!

I honestly believe we think more about the way a person acts and behaves rather than what they actually say (seeing as we don’t really listen anyway)

If actions really do speak louder than words, someone had better turn the volume up!

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