Bilingual Children

By Jon Searle

In today’s world, writing you CV is becoming more and more about skills rather than academic qualifications. Experience in your desired career is obviously preferred over other certain relevant skills, but my feeling is that being bilingual is a fantastic attribute to have.

Many different cultures are relocating to England and are proving to be very talented in their field and with their linguistic ability. From the early age range of three to four years old, bilingual and monolingual children show a difference in development. Even from this early age, a conscious decision is made as to which language to use in a situation, depending on the person the child is speaking to. In an office environment the skills which these bilingual people have, tend to give them far greater “executive function” which is the skill to ignore irrelevant information and focus attention when distracted. These are skills to be applied in many different jobs – not just in an office.

For someone growing up with these skills, a whole wealth of employment options open up to them. With the internet and modern communication techniques bridging these geographical gaps, interactions with other countries are an everyday occurrence. For this reason, the translation industry is booming along with the need for translation agency’s. These jobs are not open to monolingual people so this gives bilinguals a unique opportunity. Many jobs I have personally had in the past have included working with many different nationalities. Speaking another language in these situations would have been a massive asset to me and therefore the company.

With an increasing linguistically diverse country becoming more and more apparent, I think that mothers of any descent would benefit from teaching their child different languages from a young age. At a young age children are like sponges when confronted with information, so something as useful as a second language would sink in with less conflict, than with teaching an adult.

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