Sightseeing in Your Own Back Yard

Daniel Harris

A typical Brit pretty much will always choose to be, well, anywhere but Britain. That can mean a whole multitude of things; going on your typical 10 day holiday to Spain every summer, Travelling the World or even a short weekend City Break.

I don’t know if that mentality is the same in all countries, but it’s what is given to you in the ‘How to Live in Britain’ guide which is mandatory to have from birth in this country.

My question is though how often do we step back to look at the sights and attractions in our own countries (wherever you may come from)

As a Londoner I’ve seen many attractions like; Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament, The London Eye, even suffered through the public transport. That being said I have never visited those places on purpose or even stopped to have a photo taken outside them. However I have visited many places in Europe and done tonnes of sightseeing and seen things similar to what I could see in London if I wanted too. But for some reason we specifically want to see these things in another country

I think travelling can sometimes make you ignorant to what’s amazing to see in your own country. Maybe it’s because we are so used to seeing what’s in our own country that we don’t even stop to look anymore.

I may be a self proclaimed pessimistic Brit, but even I find that quite sad. Contrary to popular belief beyond London there are tonnes of amazing sights to see throughout the country but god forbid we should enjoy travelling anywhere unless it’s by plane and god forbid we should travel anywhere where it’s not sunny!

Even though we like travelling all round the world there are benefits to sightseeing in your own country;

  • Difficult to get Lost
  • Everyone speaks the same Language
  • Cheaper (you would hope)
  • No need for a Translation Agency
  • When you’re done you can go home and not a hotel

On reflection those advantages don’t look that glamorous but some people love their home comforts!

Like I said before I wonder if it’s the same in other countries and does it translate to their way of thinking too for example do Italians go to visit Rome to sightsee or do the Spanish ever visit Madrid to see the attractions.

As mind expanding as it is to travel the world (and yes it’s still something that I want to do) there is always something interesting to see where you are! You just need to look properly

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