Crude MONIN fizz

By Jon Searle

For people who like to travel and enjoy trying new things,  I think that this post may interest you.

It took me to get to my mid twenties before I realised that I was bored of the taste of beer and cider. In my teens I chose my drinks by how easy they were to carry and the price, because of the lack of funds that working in a garden centre brought me. I am now a 24 year old man, who is quite proud to say that warm beer picked off the shelf in Tescos 10 minutes before, just doesn’t cut it anymore.

I now tend to try and invent myself a cocktail or research and then adapt them. My two favourites at the moment are ‘Gin and Iced Tea’ and an ‘old fashioned’. The first is quite obvious and the second can be researched by yourself, it is a strong whisky drink.

The reason I am writing this post now however is the new discovery of ‘MONIN Syrups’. These are the kind of thing which you see behind the counter in a coffee shop or perhaps a bar. At 0% alcohol they offer only flavour and sweetness, but isn’t this all you need? Flavour is what I want, the alcohol itself can be found with Vodka and white Rum. The possibilities are endless with these flavour syrup’s, if you look on their website there are many different types, so you can buy for your own tastes.

The drink which spurred the passion for this is the ‘Crude MONIN fizz’ (I invented the name myself – can you tell)
Ingredients are: MONIN Lychee syrup, Sparkling water, vodka and throw some pomegranate seeds in there too. I won’t patronise you with a ‘how to’ with this, it should be blindingly obvious. Using sparkling water makes bubbles of carbon dioxide cling to the seeds, which makes them float! This looks very impressive and I got lots of comments on the weekend when I unveiled this drink. It also tastes amazing – I understand that everyone would say their own drink tasted amazing, but just try it. Although not necessary the Spanish grown fruit made all the difference to the presentation.

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