Things you must know about China and their Culture….

By Hiren

The financial situation across the world is weakening and the major economies like USA and the UK are struggling to cope with this downturn. In such situation China has come across as a winner and is the fastest growing economy in the world. They say China will be the next super power in the world. Aren’t they one already? They seem to be ruling the world. Look at the Olympics Games 2012 for example.  They are dominating the sporting world as well. The eyes of the globe seem to be on China and everyone wants to know more about the Chinese people, their culture , their language, and the way they behave. So if you are planning a trip to China for either of the above mentioned reasons the following steps will help you avoid some embarrassing moments…

Chopsticks Matter… 

 Chopsticks are a very important part of the Chinese culture. If you can’t hold a chopstick correctly then you have very few chances of surviving in China. You will rarely find a spoon when dinner is served in China. Some Chinese people pay great importance in the way you eat with the chopsticks and believe this makes a huge difference in the way people behave. (It’s a Chinese superstition).
First Names a BIG NO…  

People in the west are more used to calling others by their first name but not in China. For example Susi Yang will be called by an American as Susi. But in China she will be addressed as Yang. Only close friends or the family members have the pleasure to call Susi by her first name. So it is of vital importance to understand that in China last names always come first which is completely the opposite from the western world.
 Have you got presents…  

Chinese people are very humble and well mannered. They love giving presents regardless of the occasion. It doesn’t have to be a Chinese new year for a Chinese to give you a present. If a Chinese family are going to their relatives house for dinner which they regularly visit they will still give presents. If you have a Chinese friend than I am sure you are aware about their humbleness and kind behaviour.
Are you a good host…?  

Chinese people visit their family and friends regularly and expect you to be a good host. Offering your guest food or drinks is not enough to be considered a good host in China. Declining food or drinks among Chinese people is common and as a good host it’s your responsibility to keep on offering.
 Behave in Public…  

Tourists have the habit of moaning and complaining about the local people when on visit to a foreign country. However this habit must change if you are planning to visit China. Avoid getting angry and violent in public during your visit to this amazing country. Chinese people respect harmony and peace and as foreigners you must ensure this norm is not broken.
So what are you waiting for?  

China is full of rich history, culture and traditions and is the place to explore in the 21st century. One piece of advice though! Do you know the Mandarin language? If not you might end up looking for Mandarin translation.  Chinese people love foreigners who can speak Mandarin or Cantonese. But don’t worry the different Chinese languages are as fascinating as the country itself. So learning their language is a great journey which you must explore as well.




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