Journey of a Linguist

By Chiara

Studying translation is really interesting, and I think everyone would be fascinated by this art, because we can indeed consider it as an ART. I love translating, especially brochures, advertising or documents related to travel and tourism; every time you have a new document to translate it is a new “word hunt” to find the perfect term and give it the right amount of poetry and at the same time make the reader feel cosy and safe. The tourism and leisure industry is very wide and needs lots of translations, and obviously is more interesting than an instruction manual or something similar.. you learn so much new and a lot of other interesting information!

Moreover, to translate in this field you must be a good writer, because you have to give the actual translation, a sound, rhythm as it must be written by a native speaker. And of course when translating I am the native speaker! I have to translate idioms and expressions, and create a text identical to the source but at the same time  keep in mind the factors like the cultural essence and the style of speaking. It requires a lot of imagination and hard work, because sometimes you find words you can’t translate since they don’t exist in the other language, so you must create a short sentence which can explain in few words the idea given by the source word! That’s a very challenging translation! But I like challenges and above all I like the satisfaction when you have found the right periphrasis and with it you give the same meaning and the same nuance of the source text. That’s satisfying! Learning a new language or languages can be a challenge for some people, but for someone like me it is fun. It gives me the opportunity to explore a whole new word. I have managed to learn different languages like French, Spanish, German and English in the last few years. And I intend to continue this great journey to explore new languages, cultures and traditions.

In my opinion everyone may be a good translator, but the basic requirement is to be open minded to understand traditions and ways of living to be able to transfer them into your own language maintaining the same cultural charm of the source.




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  1. I agree, translating is very exciting… have you ever tried studying Finnish???

  2. Good points, I agree! I’m just getting into translation (Spanish to English), and sometimes it can be tricky. Every so often I’ll get stuck in the Spanish way of phrasing things and so the resulting English is correct but a little awkward.

    Still, it’s so much fun and definitely rewarding.

  3. Very interesting article! The art of translation – always seen when you come across a sentence that has been awkwardly distorted by people who do not seem to care how it sounds in another language or who lack the skills and do not know better. Growing up bilingual, I have been fortunate enough to have a certain feel for both languages (German and English), which I see is lacking in monolingual persons… Guess that makes it harder for them to learn but when there is passion, there is always a good result!

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