Mini Bremen Adventure

By Nancy Carranza

If you ever get bored on a day, why not visit the Cosmopolitan City on Weser River 🙂

We might need a bit of  translation services help but we all know what it means. Wait for the green man!

There’s always space on the train when travelling in Germany!

Enjoying Christmas in one of the best countries- Germany

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  1. I was in Bremen earlier this month! It’s a lovely town and I’m glad I’ve now been able to see it both once in winter and once in summer. I don’t seem to have had your luck on German trains though, the one time I went without a seat reservation (between Bremen and Hamburg actually) I had to stand the whole time, with all my luggage… ah well!

  2. I love Germany, they bombed my chip shop but I do love Germany. Living in Italy makes you appreciate just how organised Germany is.

    At the moment they are a bit like nonna, we are all borrowing money from them.

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