The Evolution of Technology

Technology has been evolving continuously at a very fast pace like never before. Humans have invented various technologies that their mind can imagine. Twenty years ago, there were no phone lines in developing countries like India. In order to access a phone line people had to travel miles to use a public phone booth to call up their loved ones. Then came the cell phone revolution where an incoming call was charged at a really high price. Things changed with time, and many organizations ventured into the telecommunications industry making outgoing calls cheaper and the incoming calls free. The communication industry just changed. Communication across the whole world became so easy from booking a Trunk call from one country to another country to just dial a number to reach a person sitting on the other side of the globe. So now we are in 2012 where phones have literally become computers, leaving the customer with the choice between buying a phone or a computer. In just around 2 to 3 decades, there has been immense rise in the development of technology with respect to communication increasing the demand of technical translation.

 If we talk about the technological developments human beings have been able to accomplish in other industries, then this article would probably become a thesis. Computers have evolved in a similar manner. Starting from a mega sized bulky computer with an operating system like DOS, to today wherein it’s possible to send emails rather than communicating through phones. The technology of the latest computers has been synchronised with phones to make lives of human beings much easier and comfortable. We are now living in the generation of I pads which weights approximately 650 grams compared to a desktop computer that weighs over 8 Kgs and is importable. Isn’t this a proof of the amazing power human beings have to create anything that they believe is possible and make their lives easier? The world of internet has just expanded since its existence. Any product/service can be bought without having to physically go to a shop whilst at the comfort of your home or office. Back in the days when we were in school, if we had a question in mind, we had to wait to go to the school or my tuitions to get an answer for my question.

Today the same situation has a solution available in matter of seconds through search engines like Google. More and more schools encourage these kind of self learning process compared to traditional methods like professors delivering lectures to students.  The use of technology is just increasing in almost each and every area of our life. From traditional marriages now people meet and create a relationship over the Internet. It’s great to see how human beings are literally unstoppable and continue to invent and develop technology at a lightning speed.

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