Multicultural London

By Nancy Carranza

London is one of the biggest multicultural cities in the world. People from all around the world come to visit and some even stay. Everyone brings a little of their culture with them, which is why London is such a diverse city. Food, language, culture, all differs, depending on the area you come from. Certain areas are known by the people that live in it. For example, Camden Town-North London is known as the ‘punk area’.

When you think about Camden Town you think, punk culture, tattoos, piercings, spikes, studs etc. It is a very lively community, the people are friendly and it has a very energetic and positive atmosphere. If you live in Camden then you’ll pretty much know everyone that lives in the area as it is a very close community. Camden attracts a big number of tourists, not only because it is the home place of the late Amy Winehouse but because of its food stalls, eccentric scenery and its lively atmosphere.

Spanish/Latin American culture seems to have become very popular amongst people in Camden as there are hundreds of Spanish tourists that visit every day. There is a Cuban restaurant/bar in the Stables Market and you can hear salsa playing from a couple stalls too! The Spanish culture has had a major influence in how Camden is perceived. So if you are ever around Camden and come across a Spanish person and don’t seem to quiet understand them, not to worry, Spanish translation services is always at hand!

Another place in London where culture has become a big influence is in Brixton-South London. Jamaican culture has become a big part of Brixton. The music, the food, the market stalls, the people, all contributes to how Brixton is nowadays. In every corner you’ll find a Caribbean restaurant or a Reggae music shop. When walking down the market you will always here Patois (Jamaican dialect) being talked by people.

Brixton can be described as loud, colourful and very busy.  It also has a very energetic atmosphere and hundreds of people reside in it. Brixton is such a popular place that every year ‘Brixton Splash’ is hosted, where people from all over London get together to celebrate Jamaica’s Independence Day. There is a lively carnival atmosphere, great music and beautiful food. Definitely not one to miss!

London has many, many places where people from different backgrounds have come to settle in, bringing their culture with them. Another popular place where culture has made a big difference is in Tooting-South London.  In South London, Tooting is known as ‘Little India’, although not only Indian people live there. The Asian culture has become very popular in Tooting. There are many shops around that specialise just in Saris, Asian foods with many spices (only try if you can handle spice!) and just Asian culture itself.

Tooting also has a very lively and busy atmosphere as it is surrounded with market stalls where people visit every day.

These are only a few places in London where culture has had a big influence in them. London is a huge city and has millions of people living it. So stay tuned and find out where else culture has had an impact, it may be your area!

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  1. Thanks for sharing a bit of London and thanks for the visit earlier…I appreciate your follow. A the best to you all…

  2. Please check out my posts, London Life 1/2/3/. I used to live in Camden, for 12 years, before moving to Norfolk, and I often comment on Central London, and Camden in particular. Pete.

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