Making the Most of London’s Crazy Weather

By Nancy Carranza

Everyone who’s visited London for a few days, weeks, months or even if you live in London; we all know how crazy the weather can be. Sun, rain, thunder storms and a rainbow can sometimes all be seen in one day, crazy I know. So how can you make the most of London’s crazy weather?

Rainy & Cold Days

In a year, we probably get 80% of rain, no matter what season we are in. You have to know how to make the most of your day on a day like this. There are several things to do on rainy days.

  • Spend quality time indoors with your family or friends.
  • Play board games/ video games
  • Order a nice takeaway (excuse to not cook!)
  • Cinema – There are several cinemas to choose from all around London. Odeon, Cine World, Vue, Picture House etc.
  • Theatres – West End Musicals
  • Museums – Science Museum, Natural History Museum, Imperial War Museum and many more.
  • Galleries – Tate Modern, National Gallery, the Barbican etc.
  • Bars and pubs for those who like a bit of a drink
  • Restaurants
  • Comedy clubs
  • Trocadero – Leicester Square (Games & Entertainment)

There are many things to do in London on a rainy day but if spending money is not your cup of tea then, why not do something productive at home and maybe learn a new language 🙂

Sunny Days

The very rare days when we have sunshine, even in the middle of October, you don’t want to stay indoors. You have to make the most of it as you never know when you are going to see the sunshine again.

  • Park – Everyone likes hanging out in the park, Hyde Park, Regents Park and Richmond Park are one of the three popular parks in London. It has a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere. You may want to have a picnic or just got for a stroll.
  • Kingston Riverside – A nice place with a nice view on a sunny day. Relax, eat, drink, there are many things to do by the riverside with restaurants and bars all around.
  • Shopping – Westfield’s Shepherds Bush or Stratford are the two biggest shopping centres. Not to forget Central London with all the biggest stores!
  • London Eye – Get an amazing view of London
  • Cycling – Barclays Bikes!
  • Bus Tours
  • Markets – London has great markets where you could go and do a bit of shopping. Camden market, Portobello market, Spitalfields market and Borough market.

Or if you want to do a bit of sight-seeing why not visit:

  • St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • West Minister Abbey
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Abbey Road
  • Tower Bridge

The list is endless!

There are many things to do in London, no matter the weather. Have fun!

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