Hiren….one of the many internet geeks part of this blog. A sports addict…a big Rafa Nadal Fan…loves  films , music,food and most importantly writing….





I am Sajiv,  I am a Human being and I love being Human. I have many hobbies and the list goes on increasing as I grow. I am an IT and MBA graduate having worked in Customer service, Software testing, Sales, Business coaching and currently into Digital marketing. This website is one of my first stepping stones towards creating an identity for myself on the Internet. So I have done my best to provide the maximum value and contribution from my side for this website.



  1. Wait, I thought it said ‘We are three writers joining forces to conquer the blog world! Or just have fun doing what we love the most: Writing!’… where the third writer? I must be missing something…

  2. Well we are more than 3 to be honest….we are a big buch of writers….we will add more author bio’s soon…so stay tuned..Thank You for stopping by. 🙂

  3. well this page is more useful for me thank you

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