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The Evolution of Technology

Technology has been evolving continuously at a very fast pace like never before. Humans have invented various technologies that their mind can imagine. Twenty years ago, there were no phone lines in developing countries like India. In order to access a phone line people had to travel miles to use a public phone booth to call up their loved ones. Then came the cell phone revolution where an incoming call was charged at a really high price. Things changed with time, and many organizations ventured into the telecommunications industry making outgoing calls cheaper and the incoming calls free. The communication industry just changed. Communication across the whole world became so easy from booking a Trunk call from one country to another country to just dial a number to reach a person sitting on the other side of the globe. So now we are in 2012 where phones have literally become computers, leaving the customer with the choice between buying a phone or a computer. In just around 2 to 3 decades, there has been immense rise in the development of technology with respect to communication increasing the demand of technical translation.

 If we talk about the technological developments human beings have been able to accomplish in other industries, then this article would probably become a thesis. Computers have evolved in a similar manner. Starting from a mega sized bulky computer with an operating system like DOS, to today wherein it’s possible to send emails rather than communicating through phones. The technology of the latest computers has been synchronised with phones to make lives of human beings much easier and comfortable. We are now living in the generation of I pads which weights approximately 650 grams compared to a desktop computer that weighs over 8 Kgs and is importable. Isn’t this a proof of the amazing power human beings have to create anything that they believe is possible and make their lives easier? The world of internet has just expanded since its existence. Any product/service can be bought without having to physically go to a shop whilst at the comfort of your home or office. Back in the days when we were in school, if we had a question in mind, we had to wait to go to the school or my tuitions to get an answer for my question.

Today the same situation has a solution available in matter of seconds through search engines like Google. More and more schools encourage these kind of self learning process compared to traditional methods like professors delivering lectures to students.  The use of technology is just increasing in almost each and every area of our life. From traditional marriages now people meet and create a relationship over the Internet. It’s great to see how human beings are literally unstoppable and continue to invent and develop technology at a lightning speed.

Bilingual Children

By Jon Searle

In today’s world, writing you CV is becoming more and more about skills rather than academic qualifications. Experience in your desired career is obviously preferred over other certain relevant skills, but my feeling is that being bilingual is a fantastic attribute to have.

Many different cultures are relocating to England and are proving to be very talented in their field and with their linguistic ability. From the early age range of three to four years old, bilingual and monolingual children show a difference in development. Even from this early age, a conscious decision is made as to which language to use in a situation, depending on the person the child is speaking to. In an office environment the skills which these bilingual people have, tend to give them far greater “executive function” which is the skill to ignore irrelevant information and focus attention when distracted. These are skills to be applied in many different jobs – not just in an office.

For someone growing up with these skills, a whole wealth of employment options open up to them. With the internet and modern communication techniques bridging these geographical gaps, interactions with other countries are an everyday occurrence. For this reason, the translation industry is booming along with the need for translation agency’s. These jobs are not open to monolingual people so this gives bilinguals a unique opportunity. Many jobs I have personally had in the past have included working with many different nationalities. Speaking another language in these situations would have been a massive asset to me and therefore the company.

With an increasing linguistically diverse country becoming more and more apparent, I think that mothers of any descent would benefit from teaching their child different languages from a young age. At a young age children are like sponges when confronted with information, so something as useful as a second language would sink in with less conflict, than with teaching an adult.

Hey You!!! Are you on Facebook???

Social Media has taken the world by surprise and people have used it to make millions of pounds. For example Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook and is making millions if not billions every year. I thought about this topic whilst I was mentoring one of my friends about social media and blogging. I work as a Digital Marketer, love blogging and everything related to the internet. Being an Online Marketer I am very passionate about social media, blogs and other online resources. Now back to my friend. She is a freelance translator and aims to work for a reliable translation agency.  She innocently asked me about social media I was all excited. She didn’t have a profile on LinkedIn and Twitter. If you are a translator or belong to any other profession it’s very important to have a social media presence.

Any job seeker trying to achieve success must have a social presence to increase their job prospects. So my advice to the friend was very simple. I told her to have a profile on both LinkedIn and Twitter . As a freelance translator if you are looking for a translation project, what will you do? The first basic step is to register on the Translation directory. However online presence for a freelance translator gives them more opportunities to obtain translation projects. LinkedIn is one of the most popular professional social networking sites. If you are a professional and don’t have a LinkedIn account then you need to reassess your strategy. Having a LinkedIn profile is the most basic step towards achieving your personal goals. I know a lot of translators who find translation projects via LinkedIn. They get calls from solicitors and businessmen for professional translation and other such projects.

As I started to explain her more about social media I could see it on her face ‘the surprise and the shock’. I also felt a sense of disappointment on her face. The reason for her disappointment was the fact that she wasn’t aware about the ongoing social media trend. With vast experience in Blogging and Social Media internet is my profession. However you talk to my parents and they will be completely unaware about social media. They might even ask ‘What is Facebook’?  I try my level best to explain them about the importance of social media and its use in today’s world. And the response I get is the same reaction on their face similar to the one I got on my friends face. Social media is the new trend in the industry and if you are visible on sites like LinkedIn and Twitter the more chances you give yourself of being successful in your professional life.

Language Barriers and Me

by Carmen Marra…

I have always been fascinated by language. I enjoyed learning French so much at school that I decided to pursue a Modern Language degree (German and French) at University, which turned out to be an interesting and rewarding experience in itself.

 I currently speak 4 languages and would be more than willing to learn a new one or two (actually I am currently considering Italian and Mandarin but that’s a story for another day!)

 Anyway, my own experience of language barriers stems from when I went to live in Germany as part of my Modern Language degree. As far as I was concerned from my previous two years of learning the language inside out i.e. grammar, pronunciation, culture etc, I was more than prepared to start speaking fluent German when I got to Germany. Imagine my horror and embarrassment on arriving at Frankfurt airport and being asked questions to find that I didn’t understand a word that was being said! With my personal experience I can confidently say that being multilingual is a distinct advantage in today’s society. During my stay in Germany I also realised the importance of Professional Translation and its use in a foreign country.

 What language was this? Was it the same? And why were they speaking so fast? Also, much of what they said sounded grammatically incorrect and strange. How was I going to live in this country for a year, go to University, to the shops, pay my bills? I was in a panic!! During your stay in a foreign country I will always advice people to stay in touch with a reliable translation agency for translation and interpretation purposes?

 I resolved however that I was going to learn the language and do it fast, as well as learn as much about the culture as possible. It took a lot of work and I watched a lot of TV and spent a lot of my time listening to conversations, using sign language and a lot of reading.

 I soon of course discovered that the language teaching back home had been very grammar based but most people spoke colloquially – hence the initial language barrier and that by keeping my sentences simple I could communicate effectively.

 Finally half way through my stay in Germany, do you know when I realised that I had finally cracked it? It was when I had dream and my whole dream was in German!

That was when I knew I had finally arrived!!

Social relations and language

Language has the ability to either bring people together or tear them apart.  A community, town or country that speaks the same language is more likely to have a stable society than one that is made up of various different languages. Where a common language unites, there is unity also.

In countries where multiple languages are spoken, they have found the need to employ a single language to act as a unifying factor for the people. In most countries colonised by the English, French, Spanish or Portuguese – there were indigenous cultures that had many different languages and indeed cultures and increasing the need of professional translation. This meant that the Colonisers then imposed the use of a single language to facilitate communication.  This was known as the “lingua franca” and this meant that those countries colonised by these former colonial masters took on their languages. So in the commonwealth countries – they took on English, in the French speaking or francophone countries took on French and so on.

In the biblical story of the Tower of Babel, God brought confusion to a race of people by making them all speak different languages, thereby impeding their intention to build a tower that would reach up to heaven.  This illustrates that language can make or break social relations. In a situation where there are groups of people who speak different languages there are bound to be misunderstandings, conflict and strife.  A unified language is therefore very important for social cohesion and stability.

This means that it is very important to ensure that in situations where there are different languages spoken and therefore different cultures at play, that a common ground be found to unify those affected. It is also very important in societies where different languages are spoken , that every effort is made to try and understand where the other people are coming from in terms of how they communicate, what they communicate, why they communicate and who they communicate to.  

Language is very important in structuring a society and its importance and significance should never be downplayed or underestimated when trying to provide a unifying platform for community and social relations.

Some Interesting reasons for Physiological differences amongst Men and Women.

This article is an outcome of our evaluation of the progression of humans on this planet. To make it interesting, we have compared Men and Women.

Lets go back thousands of years just after Adam and Eve came into existense. Our ancestors lived in communities or groups as it made them feel secure….The bonding between them at that point was really high, may be extremely opposite to the bonding we have amongst us right now. Don’t we always wonder how our ancestors communicated with each other. Did the Languages of the present have their roots from the past . Languages today have broken all the boundaries and opened new communication resources for communities. Increasing need of Translation Services is a good example of how languages are progressing in today’s world. However were languages equally influential thousands of years ago? 

A Mans primary role was to go for hunting and gather food for the family..This is why may be Men are physically stronger than women , Whereas a womens primary role was cooking, looking after the household chores and offcourse her children.This did not require physical strength. Instead it required mental focus at many things. So now we know why men are physically stronger than women !!!!!

Women’s peripheral vision is wider than man.
This is a physiological fact. Its not new to hear a women saying ” That guys’ staring at me”. Hardly does she know that its a mans’ vision being narrower than a women’ . A pervert is an exception in this case.

Whereas a women can just use her eyes to see what is happening around her and she can easily understand the whole picture.This is why you will rarely catch a women staring at a man. So guys next time make sure you check out her eye moments. Now lets look back at the history when a man used to go for hunting, wherein all he was responsible for was to  keep an eye on his prey.That calls for Straight sharp vision.Men of the past had their senses completely focused on its prey avoiding other distractions.   On the other hand a women had to keep an eye on multiple things like Cooking and at the same time keep an eye on her children and making sure if any wild animals are not around. So the important point here is to understand that men and women are made with differences for the right reasons.

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